SheDevil: Daughter of the Daredevil

Comic: Action adventure. Book title Shedevil who is the daughter of two superheroes. Who is now, begin her own life as a female superhero. Hoping to follow in her parents footstep.

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This book is about a young woman who lost both of her parents whom were both superhero crimefighters. She also realized that she has inherited some thing from her father his superhuman abilities and sense of justice along with her mother’s heroic bravery and determination. Along with both their amazing athletic skills and so to honor her parents. She decided to also become a superhero of her own and embark on a new life of becoming a crimefighter. This is her origin story.

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I’ve always been fascinated by superheroes and crimefighters ever since I’ve been reading about them in comic books as a young boy and as I continue to read comic books and having ideas of my own. I decided to write to the editors of these comic books to share my ideas on how to better use their superhero characters. As I continue learning from comic books, I’ve noticed that some superhero characters are having children and some are not. I’ve also notice that there aren’t very many female heroes. Which is why I decided to create a new female superhero crimefighter whom both of her parents were heroes. A character of my own who I hope you guys will enjoy and hopefully love as well.

Franklin Soto

Franklin Soto

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